Native American Archery Equipment

Charles Acuña is widely considered to be the finest artisan of native American archery equipment working today.

Charles uses many traditional natural materials to create beautiful arrows. They are always hand fletched, whether with true wild turkey feathers or domestic turkey feathers. Each piece is unique and much of the variety of original period pieces is represented here, not only due to availability, but also out of artistic selection. Various natural shaft materials are used, and heads of metal, flint and other stones are represented. Each piece is unique and each is priced based individually.

The bows shown are both of osage orange, the traditional bow wood of the Apache and other Southwestern Tribes.

Charles also makes yew bows in the classical English manner.

Agate Head

rack of arrows
Flat self bow of Osage orange.
Recurved bow made of Osage orange with sinew backing and a rattlesnake skin covering.
bow grip bow grip
Details of the grips for the above bows.

Charlie uses the Traditional Bowyer's Bible as his basic reference work.
Volume One
Volume One
Volume Two
Volume Two

Volume Three
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